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Whether you are a Resort, Hotel, Entertainment Business, Pub or Restaurant, Steel Hospitality is a hands on, personal, hospitality consultancy offering clients proven, winning ingredients to dominate your market.

Whether you are looking at a new venture or to reposition, add value or adapt an existing business as a manager, owner, director, investor or bank and develop and self funding plan to enhance performance, then we can help. Quickly.

By collaborating with Steel Hospitality our clients get simple intervention that stands apart in the industry because of our personal, nimble, bespoke solutions drawing on years of varied industry experience. 

Steel Consult

Steel Consult are focused solely on the optimisation of performance on either on a project or fixed term basis and service both branded and independent business.

Steel Manage

Steel Manage offer bespoke longer term, property management solutions for independent hospitality owners and investors. 

Steel Own 

Steel Own target and appraise purchase opportunities of all types on behalf of operators, investors, lenders and private equity.

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Looking to develop your business but not sure where to turn? Allow the team at Steel Hospitality to run their state of the art Knowtel business assessment and you will begin to see the untapped opportunities available to you. The team will present the ever-changing competitor landscape and your opportunities to outwit them online in real time like you’ve never seen before. Simple, affordable, accessible and integrated commercial solutions that make a measured difference.


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